The Olfactory Pyramid


Perfume creation always begins with selecting and combining the right mix of raw ingredients. Perfumiers must rely on their keen understanding of fragrance notes and their topology (i.e. their unique molecular properties) to develop olfactory compositions that are balanced and delight the senses. To achieve the right balance, they depend on a concept called the olfactory pyramid. Here’s how it works. 

What is the olfactory pyramid?

To achieve an agreeable balance, fragrance notes are classified as top notes, heart notes and base notes. These notes make up a perfume’s accord, its character.

Each note reflects a scent’s volatility, or how quickly it evaporates. Those at the top evaporate fastest while those at the base linger longer.

Perfumiers use the olfactory pyramid to represent a perfume’s fragrance notes, each ingredient categorised according to its evaporation rate and persistence over time.

Top notes

The most vivid and energetic, these are a perfume’s most volatile scents. They are what you smell first, establishing a fragrance’s first impression. But, as they are fleeting due to their lighter, smaller molecules, they evaporate quickly. Top notes should be carefully selected, allowing for a pleasant, smooth transition into the next part of the olfactory pyramid. 

 Popular top notes: lemon, orange, bergamot, pink pepper, blackcurrant, ginger, mint

 Average duration: 5 – 15 minutes


These are the fragrance notes you perceive once the top notes have disappeared. They ensure the continuity of the top notes and prepare for a smooth transition into the base notes. Considered the “soul”, or personality, of a perfume, heart notes make up the majority of a fragrance’s scent. As such, they are evident throughout the full life of the fragrance. 

 Popular top notes: jasmine, ylang-ylang, violet, rose

 Average duration: 20 – 60 minutes

Base notes

Along with the heart notes, base notes tend to add depth and resonance which help build the foundation of a perfume. These notes appear more gradually but also evaporate more gradually. 

 Popular top notes: vanilla, amber, musk, patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood

 Average duration: several hours to several days

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