The Art of Perfume

A bold, revolutionary concept: art and perfume brought together to express the essence of life, sensuality, luxury and beauty. José Eisenberg, an inspired creator and aesthete at heart, asked Brazilian artist Juarez Machado, a key figure in contemporary figurative art, to paint the emotions he recreated in his perfumes. The Art of Perfume (Art du Parfum) collection is an eternal celebration of the beauty, timelessness and mesmerising sensuality of EISENBERG’s fragrances, for a sensory journey at the heart of a unique universe.

Like painting, sculpture, writing and music, perfume is an art that speaks to the soul and awakens our deepest emotions.

Perfume in Art

José Eisenberg is an art lover. As a child, he was already fascinated by sculpture and painting. However art only became central to his life the day he was struck by the pure beauty of the Piazza della Signoria, while strolling in the Old Florence, Italy, resplendent in the August sun.

Perfumes are Art for José Eisenberg and they “live” in his exclusive, sensory world. They recreate a fleeting emotion, which can be very personal, yet convey a subtle message... L’Art du Parfum is a unique and audacious concept: linking perfume and art, revealing the innate aspects of human nature, allowing to instinctively feel the emotions, beauty, mystery…

Art in Perfume

It was his friendship with Juarez Machado, a flamboyant Brazilian painter, which provided fertile ground for his idea of visually transposing his olfactory emotions through painting. Guiding Machado step by step, José Eisenberg helped him interpret each perfume, each emotion, into painting. Aside from the pictorial emotion, he wanted to “hear” the music of words to express his perfumes. A poem was written for each unique and mysterious perfume. A unique sensory discovery in the EISENBERG universe, the collection is characterised by remarkable sensibility and luxury, with perfumes in bottles purer than crystal, as precious as every emotion they will awaken. Juarez Machado, a key artist on the international scene, was born in Joinville, Brazil in 1941, where he studied at the Curitiba School of Fine Arts. Since 1968, he has been splitting his time between Rio and Paris, enjoying great success in Europe, Brazil and the United States. His works are mainly dedicated to women, but he has also devoted himself to illustration, theatre and television decor in Brazil. In the collection, composed of 13 Eaux de Parfums, 2 Eaux Fraîches and 9 Extraits, harmonies of notes, from raspberry and rose to vanilla and sandalwood, invite the soul to a sensory journey in the EISENBERG universe.

A scarf, accurately reproducing the original painting by artist Juarez Machado, corresponds to each of the perfumes in the EISENBERG collection.

EISENBERG has chosen the most elegant, ethereal and sophisticated silk for its scarves. Exceptionally beautiful, in surprising colours, they evoke French elegance, modernity and glamour.

Just a few drops of your favourite perfume on one of the EISENBERG scarves, create a unique, sensual trail, YOUR UNIVERSE...