Refining Face Serum

Lift and redefine your face


Sérum Affinant Visage, an innovative solution that treats loss of tonicity and facial contour slackening, which may be caused by an accumulation of localised fat or weight variations.


Highly concentrated, this fluid gel-serum immediately penetrates the skin.

Its efficient formula works in-depth to tone, firm and sculpt the cheeks and fight the slackening

of the chin and the neck, for a clear V-shape effect.

Cocoa and more specifically the extract of Cocoa bean hulls improves the process of degradation of triglycerides stocked inside cells. The skin is smoother and more uniform.

Caffeine is a powerful active ingredient that reinforces the action of the Cocoa extracts to detoxify tissues, stimulate the microcirculation and optimise the release of localised fat deposits, thereby improving skin’s surface.

Glaucine extracted from the yellow horn poppy, is a multifunctional molecule stimulating the synthesis of collagen by countering cellular programming. It significantly firms, tones and reshapes facial contour.


Remodels, tones and sculpts the cheeks, reduces double chin. This refining face serum redesigns the face contour, as if it has been lifted!

Sérum Affinant Visage

A world-class expert in skincare marrying science and nature, EISENBERG Research discovered the revolutionary anti-ageing Trio-Molecular® Formula. Based on 15 years of research and clinical tests, it is patented and exclusive to the Brand, and is included in all EISENBERG skincare products, including the Refining Face Serum. Composed by three molecules working in synergy to regenerate, energise and oxygenate the skin, thus preventing and correcting signs of ageing, the Trio-Molecular® Formula perfectly compliments our targeted natural ingredients for true youth booster action!