The Best Way to Wash Your Face

If you are like most men, you think of face washing as a normal part of the morning or evening. But are you doing it correctly? Cleansing too often, not enough, or not using the right product for your skin type can actually be doing more harm than good. Paying a little extra attention to how you wash for your face can ensure your skin looks its healthiest!

Oily skin: Eliminating excess sebum

Environment, lifestyle and biological realities (like testosterone and larger sebaceous glands and pores) can cause men to develop oily skin. Unfortunately, many men make the mistake of over-washing their faces which, rather than eliminating excess sebum, causes glands to produce even more. On top of that, removing too much sebum can cause your skin to become irritated. 

Recommended cleansing routine:

Wash your skin with a cleanser formulated for use on oily skin, and never skip your morning and evening cleansing. Overnight, your skin will both produce sebum and regenerate, reconstructing its hydrolipidic barrier and balance, so gently cleanse in the morning.Then, repeat at night to remove sebum and impurities that accumulate throughout the day. If you exercise, your skin will require additional attention. Cleanse again to remove excess oil and sweat which can clog pores. 

Mousse Aérienne Visage

A foaming cleanser that purifies without drying skin. Formulated with Purslane Extract, whose anti-inflammatory benefits soothe irritations, and Moringa Seed extract which rids skin of everyday pollutants.

Concentré Matifiant Régulateur

An ultra-light cream that eliminates shine. Fomes Officinalis tightens and firms skin prone to excess sebum without causing dryness. Vitamins A, E and C combined with Panax Ginseng enhance skin’s defence mechanisms and combat free radicals.

Additional Care:
Gel Contour des Yeux

A fresh, lifting moisturising gel for use around the eyes. Cornflower Water decongests while Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and Borage Oils fight against eye contour ageing.

Dry skin: ridding skin of irritation

Men develop dry skin for any number of reasons: using harsh soaps, not moisturising, even taking too many long, hot showers which strips away sebum, causing skin to look dry and flakey. Men with dry skin must also pay close attention to product ingredients, as harsh ingredients and/or fragrances will only further irritate skin. 

Recommended cleansing routine:

Avoid over washing. Try cleansing just once a day, in the evening. In the morning, simply use water instead of a cleanser, and follow up with a moisturiser. Of course, if you work out, you will want to cleanse again to remove bacteria and impurities that you may have come into contact with at the gym.

Duo EssentiEl 

A two-in-one cleanser/shaving foam gel that is both light (so it won’t dry out skin) and effective. Formulated with targeted active ingredients like Hydrolysed Wheat Protein which moisturises and binds water in skin tissue, and Panax Ginseng which regenerates skin, leaving it softer and more toned. 

Soin Actif Calmant Hydratant

A reparative cream for dry, sensitive or irritated skin. An ideal concentration of Shea Butter nourishes, moisturises and protects while Raspberry leaf stem cell extract immediately reduces inflammation and redness and calms the face.

Pro tip: Use Soin Actif Calmant Hydratant in the morning / and or evening to cleansed face, eye area and neck.


A fresh, lifting moisturising gel for use around the eyes. Cornflower Water decongests while Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and Borage Oils fights against eye contour ageing.

Combination skin: Extra care needed

Combination skin is just that: a combination of different skin types. You may, for example, have an oily T-zone but dry skin around the cheeks. Combination skin requires a bit more care because it is more prone to imperfections. You will need to adjust your cleansing routine accordingly so that you are using the right products to target each area.


Avoid products containing ingredients that will dry and irritate your skin. A gentle gel-based or foaming cleanser will prevent irritations and soothe. Be sure to pat dry - rather than rub - your face after cleansing. Rubbing can irritate and, with time, cause skin to lose elasticity.

Mousse Aérienne Visage

Pro tip: Use Mousse Aérienne Visage for cleansing and Duo Essential when shaving. This combination of foam and gel treatments will ensure you are able to target both oily and dry skin zones. 

Concentré Matifiant Régulateur

Pro tip: Use Concentré Matifiant Régulateur and Gel Contour des Yeux in the morning. Use Soin Actif Calmant Hydratant at night to regenerate and rehydrate the skin.