Anti-wrinkle care for twenty-somethings?

Even twenty-somethings need to think about ageing gracefully. Though young skin is typically free of wrinkles, good anti ageing skincare habits should begin early. Preventing signs of ageing before they appear will keep your skin looking younger and healthier as you grow older.

How skin ages

As we age, our skin naturally loses its ability to maintain firmness and smoothness. In our twenties, we first begin to see visible structural changes to the skin’s surface. We produce less sebum and experience slower cell turnover. As a result, our skin becomes drier and loses some of its radiance. To a large extent, genetics determine how quickly our skin ages. But lifestyle choices are also significant.


Only wear sunscreen at the beach?
Don’t drink enough water?
Live in a polluted city?
Love to smoke at happy hour?

If you answer yes to any of these, your skin is more quickly becoming drier, less elastic, less able to protect itself from damage. As your skin loses moisture and flexibility, you’ll start to develop some of the permanent lines, wrinkles and grooves that come with natural skin ageing. 


Regardless of genetics or lifestyle, in your twenties, you begin to develop both dynamic and static wrinkles.

Dynamic wrinkles appear only with facial movement – eye contour laugh lines; smile creases in your cheeks; forehead furrows from raised eyebrows.
Static wrinkles are even more of a nuisance. They pop up anywhere, even when your face is at rest, and are constantly visible. Static wrinkles come later, the result of dynamic wrinkles as well as lost skin firmness and elasticity.

It pays to be proactive!

You are in your twenties, so your skin is in its prime.

A little bit of preventative care will help keep it that way! A simple but effective anti-wrinkle routine will ensure that you enter into your thirties confidently, with youthful-looking, wrinkle-free skin. Effective treatment will not only reduce wrinkles that have already started to appear but also prevent new ones from developing. 

Advanced first-sign wrinkle defence.

EISENBERG’s wrinkle defence solutions are formulated with 100% natural and biotechnological targeted active ingredients which work alongside the Trio-Molecular® Formula, a synthesis of 3 naturally occurring molecules that regenerate, energise and oxygenate the skin. Biocosmetic innovation and nature’s finest ingredients provide the vital nourishment and regenerative power needed to prevent signs of skin ageing! 


Ultra-light, ultra-quenching, this antioxidant emulsion with Hyaluronic Acid smooths out the appearance of early wrinkles, and provides your skin with plenty of hydration to help maintain its elasticity. Recommended for ages 28 to 40. 


A soft, delicate cream made with Hyaluronic Acid and just the right amount of Shea Butter to eliminate the first signs of wrinkles. Maintains skin’s elasticity and delivers a velvety smooth finish. Recommended for ages 28 to 40.


Use Émulsion Secret Premières Rides in the day and Crème Secret Premières Rides at night.


EISENBERG's skincare contains the Trio-Molecular® Formula which regenerates, energises and oxygenates for beautiful, fresh, toned skin.